Victor Amaya

Victor Amaya began his career in his native country of Argentina where he competed extensively at the grand prix level before moving to Europe to continue his education and development.  He worked for the Kennedy family at the Kennedy Equine Centre in Ireland for two years before being offered a position with Mr. and Mrs. Novo of Cervia, Italy.  At the time, Mrs. Lalla Novo was the president of the Italian Equestrian Federation, and they owned a large equestrian center in Cervia, which Victor was based out of.

For 10 years, Victor developed the Novo’s young horses, in addition to showing on the CSI4* and CSI5* competition throughout Europe.  Victor represented Argentina at showjumping events such as Dinard, La Boule, Rome, and Dublin. While working for the Novo’s, Victor won both the 5 & 6 Young Horse Italian Championships and in the same year won two CSI3* grand prix events.  After a long career sponsoring the sport, the Novo’s retired from the equestrian world, and Victor chose to relocate to the United States, beginning the next chapter of his career.

Victor began riding for Georgina Bloomberg where he was given the opportunity to ride amazing young horses and show them from the young jumper divisions through to the grand prix level. One of Victor’s favorite mounts, because of her winning personality, was a horse named Southstreet, who he rode to win the circuit championship at the Winter Equestrian Festival in the Five-Year-Old Young Jumper division.  Today, Georgina is campaigning Southstreet at the grand prix level, and it brings Victor great joy to see their success in the ring.

Victor has since joined his brother, Max,  as a trainer at Stonehenge Stables. Both brothers bring their international-level experience to their grand prix students, while also being able to cater to the needs of competitive juniors and amateurs alike. Victor and Max balance each other in their teaching styles, affording any student the discovery of the right fit.

Kris Amaya

Kris grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania and began riding when she was eight years old. She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Science and a minor in Business and Equine Science. Kris started her professional career in the equestrian industry at age 21 by riding and managing for top show barns in the United States. In 2009, she joined Stonehenge Stables as not only part of the team but also as part of the family. Victor and Kris work together as husband and wife alongside their brother Max to make Stonehenge a true family operation. Kris manages the barn, the clients, and the wellbeing of the show horses. Working closely with Stonehenge’s team of dedicated grooms, internationally recognized vets, and knowledgeable farriers where she strives to create an organized and fun environment. In 2017, Kris and Victor welcomed into the world their daughter, Sophia Ann Amaya, another important member of the Stonehenge Team!

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